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An important task in construction is Quantity Takeoff. And this is also a fairly time-consuming work of Quantity Surveyor.

For the traditional way, the engineer will rely on AutoCAD drawings to calculate the components according to formulas and use Excel files to synthesize volumes.

Today, with the development of construction technology, we will take advantage of the BIM model to quantity takeoff faster.

What is ALPHA BIM?

If you do not know about ALPHA BIM, please see the article about ALPHA BIM overview here:

In this article, I will show you how to use one of 's great tools of ALPHA BIM to calculate the Formwork Area from the structural BIM 3D model.

This plugin has been used through many large and high-rise constructions of big contractors in Vietnam, such as Ricons, Coteccons, Hoa Binh, An Phong, Tan Ky, SC5, ... to increase speed and easily control the calculated results. 

This tool is available on the Autodesk App Store. You can download it here:

Let's go with steps below!

Step 1: Build Revit Model

You can use Tool Revit to help automatically create model from AutoCAD to save your time.

Step 2: Auto Join

Join Revit model according to your specified quantity takeoff.

Revit tool Auto Join plugin free of ALPHA BIM can help you join quickly and control the priority order when joining the model.

Step 3: Calculate the Formwork Area

If calculating the Formwork Area by manually using Autodesk Revit solutions, you will have to do as same this video.

Using tool Formwork Area plugin of Alpha BIM will help you calculate correctly Formwork Area & Draw Formwork Shape model quickly.

Here is a detailed video tutorial. Let's see to better understanding to calculate the Formwork Area with just one click.




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