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About Us

Alpha BIM is one of the best Revit Plugin in the world. Oriented to develop to support the disciplines of Structure, Architecture, MEP, and Infrastructure. We also provide web cloud applications, helping to increase work efficiency for BIM & Revit users.

Our Services

We provide Alpha BIM plugin license, BIM application development services and Revit API programming training for individuals & Companies.

Alpha BIM tool

Service 1

Provides a full-featured Alpha BIM Revit plugin license, supporting the disciplines of Structure, Architecture, MEP, and Infrastructure.

Alpha BIM web app

Service 2

Providing licenses for Web Cloud Apps on, helping to report BIM project conflicts, view BIM models on the web,...

Custom Revit Tool

Service 3

Develop Revit tool for the disciplines of Structure, Architecture, MEP, Technical Infrastructure and Web Cloud Apps according to the Company's orders.

Service 4

Revit API Programming Training using C# & WPF for individuals and Companies.

Why Choose Us

Benefit 1

Alpha BIM plugin supports many different tasks on Revit.

Benefit 2

Alpha BIM plugin has a simple interface and is easy to use.

Benefit 3

Alpha BIM license has the best price on the market. Buy 1 get 1 free.

Benefit 4

Alpha BIM team continuously strives to improve and develop more new products to support BIM & Revit users.

Client Testimonials​

“I was completely convinced by AlphaBim team's tools for Revit users. Besides, I also feel very proud when a good product is trusted by international friends; and these utilities are created by Vietnamese people.

Useful tools that I use most often:

👉 Calculate Formwork Area quickly and accurately.
👉 Quickly create Rebar for common structures such as: Foundations, Columns, Walls, Beams, Floors,...
👉 Quickly and intuitively create Rebar shapes in reinforcement schedules; And there are many other useful tools.

In addition, RECEIPT OF OPINIONS from users and continuously upgrading and adding new features is also what makes me trust the AlphaBim team more than other domestic and foreign tools.

Wishing AlphaBim team to grow and support the Revit community with more useful tools. 💪🎉”
“The tool is so great, exporting volumes from the Revit model is 100% accurate. Thanks to this toolkit, I no longer have to calculate by hand like before. The interface is beautiful and very easy to use.”
“This is the first time I have used a tool to export volumes so quickly and accurately. Helps me manage volumes very accurately in the Revit model.”
“I've used many tools and found that Alpha BIM's tool is quite convenient, runs faster, and about steel, both sides are the same, Alpha BIM's interface is easy to understand, and the price is also better.”
Mr. Ba Huy
“The toolkit is so powerful, it helps me shorten my working time much more than before. Beautiful interface and easy to use. Alpha BIM exports volumes very accurately and deploys drawings on Revit very quickly.”
“One of the very good ways to support work, just like Autocad in the past, Revit is one of the current and future technologies, Alpha BIM supports and supports a lot, especially QS workers like yourself, quickly, have overall control, and limit errors when working.”
“The interface is familiar and friendly, making it easy for users to access and use. Thank you for the dedication of the entire AlphaBIM team.”
“Great support tool for Revit. Can't find a second tool at a cheap price that's incredibly effective.”
“The course content is very useful and practical, the teacher has a lot of experience in Revit API programming. Teachers enthusiastically guide and support students during and after the course. This is a great course that provides a lot of basic and advanced knowledge, enough for students to develop further in the BIM Developer profession.”
“The lecturer is dedicated and enthusiastic, always helping students when they encounter difficult problems. The lecture content is ok, helping those who are not familiar with C# and are new to Revit API programming like me to grasp the most core issues, which can serve as a foundation for me to develop further."
“The instructors are very supportive and thoughtful, the software supports the job extremely well.”
“Very good tool, helps me a lot in my work, beautiful interface, easy to use. Everything's fine. Thank you AlphaBIM team, wish the team will grow stronger in the future!”
“Tool is very useful and easy to use. Optimize rendering time in a surprising way. I especially like the Auto Join section because it is very practical for exporting volumes from the model. Thank you Alpha BIM team for your development, I hope you continue to improve your products."

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