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In this article, I will introduce you to the standout features of ALPHA BIM.
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ALPHA BIM is one of the best Autodesk® Revit® plugin to support Revit users with more than 100 features. We are still continuing to improve our old products and develop new ones.

Detailed user manual full features: https://bit.ly/alphabim_guideline or https://bit.ly/alphabim_hdsd

Overview of ALPHA BIM: https://alphabimvn.com/en/about-me


Rebar Plugins

ALPHA BIM has been developing plugins to support Revit users to quickly create Rebar model for Foundation, Column, Wall, Beam, etc. At the same time, ALPHA BIM is also developing plugins to support the implementation of Rebar Shop Drawing drawings.

Quantity Takeoff Plugins

ALPHA BIM has developed plugins to assist Revit users to accurately calculate the Area of Formwork; Quickly calculate the concrete at the top of the Column/Wall/Core of the ladder; Quickly summarize the volume of Concrete, Formwork, Rebar to Excel, ...

Auto modeling from AutoCAD Plugins

ALPHA BIM has developed plugins to support Revit users to automatically create model from AutoCAD drawings, including: Grid, Pillar Foundation, Foundation, Column, Wall, Beam, Floor.

Structural Plugins

ALPHA BIM has developed supporting plugins for the subject of Structure such as: Auto Join(Free), Pile/Column Coordinates, Auto Numbering, Lining Concrete, Allow/Disallow Join Beam & Wall, Cut Framing, Split Beam,…

Architectural Plugins

ALPHA BIM has developed supporting plugins for the subject of Architecture such as: Automatically offset the Architectural wall to the bottom of the Beam/Structural Floor (Revit link file), Automatically create the Finished Wall layer, Split the wall into several layers, ...

General Plugins

ALPHA BIM has developed common support plugins for all subjects such as: Crop View, Align Tag or Text, Detect conflicts with Link model, View & Sheet support tools such as Quickly Rename View, Set a batch of Views to Sheets, Quickly create batches of Sheets from Excel, etc. Tools to help quickly select objects, Tools to help synchronize data between Revit & Excel, etc.

Infrastructure Plugins

ALPHA BIM has developed plugins to support Infrastructure modeling right in Revit such as: Quick adjustment of rough road elevation; Automatically build models of manholes Rainwater drainage, Sewage drainage, Light poles, Electrical cabinets, etc. Automatically build large Sewer, Waste drainage, ...

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