About ALPHA BIM Plugin

With the motto Friendly - Flexible - Optimal, ALPHA BIM Revit Plugin is a convergence of user-friendly interface, easy to use with users, flexible functions to apply to many cases, and optimal speed to save time and manpower for work on Revit.

ALPHA BIM is one of the best Revit Tools (Revit Add-ins, Revit Plugin), helping to increase work efficiency for Revit users.

ALPHA BIM has been developing Revit Plugin to support:

  1. Automatically Revit model from AutoCAD drawing, include: Grid, Pile, Slab Foundation, Column, Wall, Beam, Floor
  2. Quantity take-off the Concrete volume, the Formwork Area, the weight of Reinforcement from Revit model, especially Formwork Area plugin.
  3. The plugins that help model Rebar for Beam, Column, Wall, Slab Foundation, Floor,...
  4. Feature help Create Rebar Shape Image, Rebar to Detail 2D
  5. Auto create Rebar Drawing for Beam, Column, Wall,...
  6. And many plugins to help use and manage Revit models more effectively, such as BIM Link, Auto Join plugin, Auto Numbering, Automatically calculate Pile coordinates, tools to help smart select element, Split Rebar, Extend Rebar, Automatic Create lining concrete, Automatic Update Beam Section from AutoCAD drawing, Crop View, Place View, Rename View, Duplicate View, Rename Sheet, Duplicate Sheet, Find & Replace,…
See more detailed instructions here: https://bit.ly/alphabim_guideline or https://bit.ly/alphabim_hdsd


  1. Accurately calculate the Formwork Area, serve for QS engineer, and estimator: https://bit.ly/3ivLUCW
  2. Modeling Rebar & Create Beams Reinforcement Shop drawing:  https://bit.ly/3cWtZ7chttps://bit.ly/3ixDAT8
  3. Modeling Rebar & Create Walls, Columns Reinforcement Shop drawing: https://bit.ly/3ldAghx
  4. Automatically build the model from AutoCAD drawing such as Grids, Piles, Pile Caps, Beams, Columns, Floors, Walls: https://bit.ly/3jxci0t
  5. Quick aggregate of the Concrete volume and Formwork Area into the BOQ Excel table: https://bit.ly/2PdKiS4
  6. Create image for Rebar: https://bit.ly/33cc49F
  7. Create Rebar to 2D detail: https://bit.ly/3ni2QjP
  8. Plugins support infrastructure work in Revit: https://bit.ly/3jxdFfE
  9. Automatically create Dimensions for Grids, Levels, and Columns - Walls: https://youtu.be/tnJMn98fvHw
  10. Auto Join: automatically join models according to options of user.
  11. BIM Link – Synchronize data between Revit and Excel: https://bit.ly/39MNoFV
  12. Other plugin for Rebar: Split Rebar, Extend Rebar, Rebar Visibility,…
  13. Concrete of Column/Wall:: Calculate the concrete volume at the top of Columns - Walls - Core Wall.
  14. Pile Coordinates:
  15. View & Sheet plugins:
  16. M-Category Schedule: quickly create Schedule and export to Excel properties of the objects including IDElement and UniqueID.
  17. Export Utils: Export Schedule and list of families to Excel.
  18. Purge Model: Quickly purge model include: Line Pattern, Filter, Parameters, Sheets, Views and View Template.
  19. Section Box: quickly create Section Box according to Level and user options.
  20. Find and Replace: find and replace the value of the parameter.
  21. Auto Numbering: Automatically naming elements: Beam, Column, Pile and Pile Cap.
  22. Sheet Numbering: automatically set values for Sheets.
  23. Align Tag/Text: Quickly align Tags or Texts.
  24. Smart Selection: set plugins of quickly select element in the model with user options.

And many other plugins are being developed, helping Revit users to increase their work efficiency.

Formwork Area
Formwork Area plugin
Beam Rebar
Rebar Modeling & Shop drawing for Beam
Column Rebar
Rebar Modeling & Shop drawing for Column/Wall

With work experience from Shop Drawing, Design Consultant and Quantity Surveying company, Alpha BIM believes our plugins will help you save time and manpower so that you will achieve more and more profits.

Install ALPHA BIM and experience 15 days of unlimited features for free 👏

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